A few links that I have found useful

A few links that I find amusing and or informative; no guarantees that you will, but think how happy you will make your phone company as you browse away for hours.......

Interesting personal site by Mark Jayne; nearly all video including a lot of good on board stuff. SEE THE BEAUTIFUL WELSH COUNTRYSIDE as you've never seen it before. Also so good full size stuff from this year's Warbirds. Nice neat graphics too.


I am now flying with Aldershot Model Club.  I have just completely rewritten and restyled the site after a number of years of it being in the doldrums.


Glens Models: supplier of my best model so far, the Extra 330S. If Carlsberg made model aircraft, this is the one they would make!


Laser Engines buy and fly the best.


Carbon Copy lots of carbon fibre goodies, cowls, spats and under carts.


Just Engines Support British Industry and buy your foreign manufactured engines here (also a few Brit. ones as well). However you still get what you pay for and cheap ain't necessarily good!


Foam Wings  give these guys a try, they look they know what they are doing.


Another source of carbon fibre products Woolmer Forest Composites , but they concentrate on standard tube rod and strip rather than components. Next time need a super strong spar see what they've got.


The Flying Cirkus: is not dead!!! it has moved to A great site for extreme 3D flying, including some awesome videos. They have some fantastic instructional videos, with the sticks inset so you can see what they do when the model is performing. Really useful. BE WARNED - it's not as easy as they make it look!


Flying Giants another site that is a break away from the Flying Cirkus. Not sure what the history is between these guys, but it also has some very interesting extreme 3D stuff.


A short list of UK model retail outlets, but not exhaustive by any means UK Model Retailers


The good old British Model Flying Association ; the For Sale page is great.


X-list Model Plans - searching for that elusive model, then start here.



 Tower Hobbies Home Page  USA  model store: read it and weep when you see the prices they pay over the pond!


The R/C Web Directory  Master List of RC sites: A direct link into the Tower Hobbies site that gives an extensive list of model related sites


RCM&E The home page for the Britain's best-selling R/C model aircraft magazine (so they say)